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All work and no play is the first thing when it comes to the mind of a newly joined employee who leaves for an office on the first day.Its all about a willingness for a good boss which can create an enthusiastic decorum in the career. Every employee shares a space with a good boss and a bad boss once in the lifespan of work. But many a time the situations come in when an individual becomes the favorite employee of the boss. The theme of Boss and employee has shined in many Bollywood movies but there were few movies which still remain unfaded in the mind of movie lovers.

Let’s scroll through the few Bollywood comedy movies on Boss and employee relationship.

GOLMAAL – 1979

The story of a Finicky boss Bhavani Shankar (Utpal Dutt) who believes the man without a Moustache and the follower of western culture is not a trustworthy man and on the other side his employee Ram Prasad (Amol Palekar) who is a Sports,  Music lover and a daydreamer manages to get into his company by presenting himself as a staunch follower of the principles taught by his father on Indian Culture and Moustache.

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The series of laughter begins as Ramprasad is caught by his boss Bhavani Shankar watching a hockey match in western clothes and to hide this blunder Ramprasad convinces his boss that it’s his twin Brother LaxmanPrasad. The movie did very well at box office and for which, Amol Palekar honored with Filmfare award.


Once again the same team of Boss and employee came back on screen to give one the dose of laughter to the audience. The comedy movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee narrates the story of Ramprasad (Amol Palekar) a poor earning employee of Bhavani Shankar (Utpal Dutt) a patriarch of a big property and strong follower of astrology.

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Ramprasad in love with the daughter of his teacher helps by giving them a shelter in one of his boss ancestral home won legally after so many years being in dispute. The comedy-drama becomes peppier after Bhavani Shankar falls for Ramprasad Love interest and desire to get married to her secretly only with Ramprasad knowledge.


The evergreen pair of Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor shined on screen in 1982 Prakash Mehra Comedy movie Namak-Halal (Loyal to his master).

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The character of Boss Raja Sahab (Shashi Kapoor) an owner of a big hotel and his loyal employee Arjun Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) a waiter who is always ready to protect his master from the clutches of goons who wants to kill Raja Sahab to acquire his million dollar property. The movie was the blockbuster and went on to be a Golden Jubilee.

ANGOOR – 1982

Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors”, Angoor directed by Gulzar. The character of the boss Ashok (Sanjeev Kumar) who comes to the city with his Servant Bahadur (Deven Verma) for a property settlement is an avid follower of thriller novels.

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Both of them lands up in a situation as they are confronted with the family of another Ashok – the Boss and Bahadur- The servant who is their lookalikes and later on the climax open as both Boss and Servant have their own twin Brother. The movie well scripted by Gulzar and known indeed a tight gripping “Comedy of Errors”.

YES BOSS – 1997

Directed by Aziz Mirza, a story of employee Rahul Joshi (Shahrukh Khan) hardworking chap having a dream of beginning his own business venture one day, make sure to impresses his boss Siddharth Chaudary (Aditya Pancholi) every moment with whatever he demands. Until one day Rahul fall in love with an aspiring model Seema (Juhi Chawla) and at the same time his womanizer boss who wants to flirt around with takes help of Rahul to trap her.

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The chemistry of Boss and employee takes a turn when Rahul makes sure that his boss Siddharth don’t get an opportunity to trap his lady love and then starts a flow of comic sequences. The movie performed pretty well at Box-office and well appreciated for its music and nominated for Filmfare awards.







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  1. Every employee shares a space with a good boss and a bad boss once in the lifespan of work. But many a time the situations come in when an individual becomes the favorite employee of the boss.

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