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This week there was a huge promotion for the new upcoming movie hitting the box-office in December 2017, Salman Khan’s “TIGER ZINDA HAIN”, the next part of the movie “EK THA TIGER” released in August 2012. The movie with its charismatic script relating to the love story of a spy. The Twitterati’s went berserk when the trailer was launched this week. The intensity of the fan following was huge giving a million likes and tweets on it.

The spy movie concept came into a huge participation in 1962 when Ian Fleming novel “Dr. NO” was presented in the form of movie and there was flamboyant spy introduced James Bond. Then there were series of the spy movies which were been screened all over the world. Bollywood too got inspired with this and then brought in the first James Bond theme inspired movie “FARZ” in 1967. A lot of the actors played the role of spy thereafter and showed themselves in the similar character of James Bond. Be it “ SURAKSHA” of Mithun Chakraborty to “AGENT VINOD” played by Saif Ali Khan. When in back 2012 “ EK THA TIGER was released there was a resemblance to the characters similar to the characters of Ian Fleming novel. “EK THA TIGER” was like an incarnation of James Bond in India and of course Salman Khan completely has done a justice with the role of flamboyant Spy.

Let’s look at few common similarities between the characters of Ian Fleming James Bond and EK THA TIGER.


In the beginning of DR NO we see a stylish spy with a hat walking in a barrel and fires the bullet towards the screen which leads to the gushing out of blood and the theme by John Barry which is an epic in itself. The theme which no one ever can forget. The Barrell sequence created a unique presentation of a spy to the entire audience all over the world. Now in 2012, we see an entry of a spy in a shadow mode holding his Walter PPK style gun facing towards the scenic view of ancient Egyptian houses. The rendering theme creates a magnificent effect on the audience mind.

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The name James Bond who in original was a writer to the novel “ The birds of the Carribean” inspired Ian Fleming to adopt for the character of his dashing and rugged spy in his novel “DR NO”. James Bond who is 00 agent of MI6 the British intelligence secret service whose mission is at all time to protect the queen’s nation from the terror and the jaws of the organization “SPECTRE” – Special Executive for Counter Intelligence, terrorism, revenge and extortion with the formation of the finest team of Criminal Minds. Here we have now TIGER a rugged, dashing and ruthless agent of RAW – Indian Secret service whose aim is to protect the country against the terrorism spread by a neighboring country. TIGER is a lonely spy who is always on his mission to make sure he fails every move of his enemy who creates strategies to create destruction for his country. The only difference is James bond character is portrayed as a womanizer where our Indian Tiger is a one lady man.

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Similar thing, every organization is monitored by a chief just like M, the head of British Secret Service or MI6 reporting to the ministry of the queen’s kingdom. The mission is handed over to Bond by M as he believes 007 the most active agent on the field. M character is a no-nonsense kind of an attitude who speaks straight to the point and of course his liking for a bourbon whiskey wherein Bond always preferred Vodka Martini. Same like Shenoy sir as referred to be an M of RAW hands out the mission to Tiger. The character is similarly centralized on the briefing of the mission and the same reporting to the Indian ministry. James Bond is incomplete without the orders of M and same TIGER is incomplete without Shenoy sir.

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Felix Leiter the CIA agent, its always been a good relationship between the two countries US and UK and both of the intelligence agencies work together as a team to act against the heinous mission of SPECTRE. Both from a separate motherland but as good friends. Bond and Leiter character as a dual team has always been an integral part of Ian Fleming novel. The Leiter is always a partner in every Bond’s mission. A Leiter resemblance is been shown in the character of Gopi, Tiger’s teammate in his mission to Ireland. Gopi is a dedicated agent of RAW making sure and keeping a watch every moment so that Tiger is in his role without any other diversions.

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It’s a fact that James Bond is portrayed as a lovemaking spy sleeping with many ladies but there was one instance in IAN Fleming novel when James Bond decides to be a one lady man. The love story of James bond and Tracy Draco the daughter of a smuggler was brought up in the novel “ON HIS MAJESTY SECRET SERVICE” who mates with the bond in his mission to reach Ernst Stravo Blofeld the head of SPECTRE. The love story had a sad ending with Blofeld killing Tracy in the end. Similarly, our RAW agent falls in love with an ISI agent and proves that love doesn’t have any boundaries or borders to follow.

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