Five most obvious reasons to visit Tadoba National Park

If you are planning to go on a vacation, Tadoba National Park will be the most appropriate destination for you. This wondrous national park is situated in the core of a reserved forest in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, India. It is spread around 1727 sq. Km area and recognized as one of the largest national parks in India. If you visit this fantastic place in April, you’ll find an endless treasure trove of considerable numbers of wild animals like tigers, sloth bears, jackals, bison, barking deer, panthers and a lot more. Here you can see various unusual views like wild dogs chasing a deer and if you are lucky enough you can even encounter tigers from five feet distance. Now let’s check out five most obvious reasons behind visiting Tadoba National Park.

Ideal destination for bird lovers

Tourists are commonly attracted by the magical topography of the wildlife. This extraordinary place is embedded with marshes, beautiful lakes, and various rugged cliffs. And if you are a bird lover, just inform the butler about it. He will show you diverse species of birds to pacify your quest. Here you’ll encounter Indian scimitar babbler, blue flycatcher, golden oriole, black-naped, gray jungle fowl, honey buzzard, crest serpent eagle, changeable hawk eagle, shikra, white-eyed buzzard, drongos, red spurfowl, Asian paradise flycatcher, larks, and a lot more. Not only birders but also wildlife enthusiasts are very much attracted to the forest. Traveling to Tadoba National Park will give you an adrenaline rush. You’ll surely enjoy the serenity of this place. And if you are worried about the most convenient way to reach this destination you can go to Nagpur which will be the closest target. From there you can quickly reach this fantastic National Park.

Various Wildlife animals are founded here

Multiple resorts are found which are very close to the forest. So as soon as you leave the campus, you’ll see the variety of wildlife animals. As these resorts are close to the National park, they also provide safari cars to the tourists. So take your favorite safari and feast your eyes with the vast range of animals such as chinkara, wild boar, wolf, fox, barking deer, sambar, hyena, langur, wild dogs, jungle cat, sloth bear, leopard, peacock, rhesus macaque, etc. Apart from that, various poisonous snakes are also found in the deep of the forest. For example, you should be careful about Russell’s viper, king cobra, krait, etc. These are very dangerous and poisonous as well. Non–venomous snakes like rat snake, Indian python, bronze tree snake, etc. also can be seen here. And how can we forget the Giant freshwater crocodiles and monitor lizards? Additionally, Tadoba is the home of various species of spiders and near about seventy species of butterflies like dragonflies, Moths, etc. So if you are in love with the adventure, you must visit this place once in your life.

Various beautiful temples surround this place

Tadoba National Park is surrounded by numerous magnificent temples and lakes. For example here you’ll find Tadoba Lake, Urjanagar Lake, Shiv Mandir, Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, and a lot more. People get attracted towards this oldest national park not only for viewing the striped creatures but also for enjoying the tranquility of these amazing temples. It has become one of the best tourist spots because of these visiting temples like Durga Maa Temple, Michael Church, or Ayyappa Temple. Apart from that, this place is associated with many tiger reserves in India. The closest destination of this National park, Nagpur is recognized as the Tiger Capital of India.

Encounter Bengal Tigers from five feet distance

There is an interesting story behind the name of Tadoba National Park. Once here lived the God of the tribals named Taru. The tribals who resided in this region worshiped Taru, the God who died after a courageous fight with a tiger. After that, a shrine was made which was dedicated to the God Taru. The second name of Taru was Tadoba. So you can understand that tigers are associated with this forest for many years. This one is the most significant tiger reserve of India and also recognized as ‘The Land of Tigers’. Approximately 43 species of tigers are founded here among which Bengal Tiger is the most prominent attraction for the tourists. This national park is also the biggest elephant sanctuary. If you are an animal lover and hunting for an adventurous trip, you should not miss the chance to visit this excellent forest Tadoba National Park.

Resorts near to the National Park

There are beautiful resorts near to the forest so that you can enjoy the magnitude of this place anytime. You can spend time comfortably with your friends and family. The rooms of this resort accommodate lots of excellent facilities. Along with that, the adjoining restaurants are found which serve delicious foods at an affordable rate. The stuff of these resorts is friendly as well as efficient towards their duty. In short, here you’ll enjoy a cozy atmosphere. The foods served at these resorts are delicious and delectable. So to enjoy the beauty of this place thousands of tourists visit this site from all over the world.

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  1. The tribals who resided in this region worshiped Taru, the God who died after a courageous fight with a tiger. After that, a shrine was made which was dedicated to the God Taru.

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