Parsi dishes you should have once in your lifetime.



Dhansak could be a in style Indian dish, originating among the Parsee Zoroastrian community. It combines parts of Persian and Gujarati culinary art. Dhansak is formed by cookery mutton or goat meat with a mix of lentils and vegetables. this is often served with caramelised rice, that is rice overdone in caramel water to administer it a typical style and color.

A Sunday is incomplete in all Parsee homes without a Dhansak and beer.  Dhansak usually takes a long preparation time. There are the best Parsi restaurants in Mumbai serving the best Dhansak of all time.



Many of the non-bawaji foodies are curious to know what is Patra Ni Macchi. Patra Ni machhi is a dish where in a fish is steamed and then after a Green chilli paste is applied and wrapped in a banana leaf. The paste in a taste is sweet and hot. Patra Ni Macchi is usually served at Parsi Weddings and Navjote ceremonies. The most preferred fish for Patra Ni Macchi is Prom fret.


When the winter comes in, every Parsi bawa orders a Kgs of Vasanu at their homes. Vasanu needs hell lot of time and patience to prepare. There are still many old Parsi aunties in every Parsi neighbourhood who is specialized in making Vasanu.Though the contents in it are very heavy it is usually consumed with milk and during Breakfast. Vasanu is a delicacy dish made of a kilo of ghee, an assortment of dry fruits mixed in with the familiar dry ginger, lotus stem, dill and some rather strange things like magaz(muskmelon seeds), peepremul or ganthoda and Singhoda aata or water chestnut flour amongst others.



Old uncles in colonies usually makes a joke when they see a couple making it out calling it a Salli Boti. But jokes apart Salli Boti is a known Parsi dish and gets its name from Salli a thin a potato sticks in it and Boti which suggests chunks of meat of lamb the jaggery added to this preparation gives it a sweet tinge that will make you crave for it for every meal.

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