Best weekly shows telecasted on Doordarshan during 80’s

Television was one of the biggest asset very few household use to acquire in those early days of 1980’s in India. Those were the days when no matter whatever happens every house which owns the television used to be filled by neighbors and their children to watch their daily TV shows in the late evening post-dinner.

Every kid of that generation who must in his late 30’s or beginning of 40’s today have experienced this zeal of coming together to have a glimpse of their daily entertainer. So let’s look at the seven best weekly shows telecasted on Doordarshan during the era of 1980’s.


Every household uses to eagerly wait for Friday as each episode was 20–25 minutes long and was telecasted on at 9:00 pm IST after the national news. The sitcom rotated around funny happenings within the lives of Ranjit Verma played by (Late actor Shafi Inamdar) and Renu Verma ( Swaroop Sampat -Miss Asian nation 1979), and alongside Renu’s single and discharged younger brother Raja (Rakesh Bedi). Alternative characters were Ranjit’s boss (Tiku Talsania), his Bengali neighbors (actors Vijay Kashyap and Sulabha Arya), etc.

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After many extremely prospering shows, Shafi Inamdar (who contend Ranjit) left. However, with the massive quality of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, a repackaged second try was created with the underlying concept that Ranjit and Renu have moved abroad owing to his work, whereas Raja continues to be staying with Ranjit’s aunty, portrayed by the legendary actress Late.Farida Jalal, and a servant, played by Javed Khan.

2. BUNIYAAD – 1986

Buniyaad was an Indian television drama-series that were directed by Ramesh Sippy and Jyoti. The series was written by Kamal Saigal and portrayed the story around the Partition in 1947 and its aftermath.

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Buniyaad telecasted its first episode in 1986 on Doordarshan network. Buniyaad introduced the actors like Kanwaljeet Singh, Alok Nath, Dalip Tahil, Soni Razdan and Kruttika Desai. The drama revolves around Master Haveli Ram’s family, who faces adversities throughout the partition of India and Pakistan. The show earned its popularity in both India and Pakistan. The show was telecasted on every Thursday 9.30pm.

3. NUKKAD- 1986

This was one of the most favorite soap among many households during the 80’s. Nukkad (Street-Corner) which was directed by Kundan Shah was a mixture of Comedy, Drama, and Tragedy. Nukkad brought in lot many talented actors like Dilip Dhawan, Rama Vij, Pawan Malhotra, Avtar Gill and of course Sameer Khakhar the drunkard next door named “Khopdi”. The first episode was telecasted on Doordarshan in 1986.

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The serial portrayed around the struggles of lower-middle-class people who came into the city to earn a living in a progressively harsh social and economic climate. The premises was that all of them work in different jobs and live along at the local road corner (Nukkad) and during each evening they share jokes and typically their unending troubles and unsuccessful dreams with one another.

4. MALGUDI DAYS – 1987

It was 18th March 1987 the first episode of Malgudi days was telecasted on Doordarshan. The series was made successful under the direction of the Kannada Actor and director Shankar Nag. The series comprises of thirty-nine episodes. The best part which was never to be missed was the opening credits which presented the cartoon sketches by R.K.Laxman and every sketch was revolved around some story.

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Most of the stories in the series were one episode lengthy but was been edited and converted to the episodes. The tale in each series was taken from the books like Horse and 2 goats, Malgudi Days, Swami and Friends and the sweet vendor. Even today anyone from those days wouldn’t deny to re-watch the episode of Malgudi days.


The world is comprised of the three earning class Rich, Poor, and Middle. Wagle Ki Duniya was the story of the Middle-Class employee Mr. Srinivas Wagle and his family. The comedy sitcom was been directed by the yesteryear actress Durga Khote. This was the show wherein one episode today’s known King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan played a cameo appearance.

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This weekly series which was telecasted on Doordarshan was originated by R.K.Laxman directed by Kundan Shah starring Anjan Srivastav as Mr.Srinivas Wagle and Bharti Achrekar as Ms.Wagle. Initially, it was decided to have 6 episodes but due to the tremendous response, the show was continued in addition to another 7 episodes. Every episode highlighted the challenges faced by the middle-class family in today’s world.

6. KARAMCHAND – 1985

India’s first detective series first telecasted in 1985 on Doordarshan featured one of the most extraordinary actors of Indian Cinema Pankaj Kapur who is known for his versatile performance be it a Bollywood cinema or a Parallel Cinema. Karamchand was been directed by Pankaj Parashar who is also known for his direction of a movie “Chaalbaaz” .


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Karamchand a detective helps the native police solve cases in his flamboyant style, his like for munching on carrots and playing a game of chess with the Police inspector A Khan. He was assisted by a funny bimbo, Kitty played by Sushmita Mukherjee who gets an answer mentioning SHUT UP KITTY on asking silly questions.

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  1. This weekly series which was telecasted on Doordarshan was originated by R.K.Laxman directed by Kundan Shah starring Anjan Srivastav as Mr.Srinivas Wagle and Bharti Achrekar as Ms.Wagle

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