Top most reputed Entertainment awards in the world

Films play a central role in our life. Although, we are in the era of 4G internet which provides a great source of engaging stuff. Even then, the films play a vital role as an entertainment provider. As the film industry grows, so is the list of entertainment awards. So, each year around 200 entertainment awards is presented in different genres.

So, let us have a look at seven most prestigious entertainment awards of the world.


It is also, known as American academy awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) organizes it annually. The idea is to recognize excellence in achievements of the film industry. Around 6000 members of Academy vote to choose the winners of this award.

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The Academy used to conduct these Awards since 1929. Although, there are many controversies about the origination of the name Oscar. But,  the most famous among them is about Academy’s executive director Margaret Herrick. She claimed that the statue of the award resembles her uncle Oscar. The name stuck, as a result of which the Academy adopted it officially in 1939.  Thus, Oscar is the most dreamed about an award of the entertainment industry.


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) conducts this award annually. The Academy is an independent charity organization. It supports development and promotion of the art forms in the United Kingdom. A group of directors from the British film industry started the BAFTA awards in 1947. The Union of Television Producers and Directors merges with Film Academy in 1958.

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American sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe designed the golden Mask for BAFTA trophy. This award function is one of the most talked about awards of the world.


Palm d’Or award was first hosted in 1955. You all must have heard about the very famous ‘Cannes Film festival’. This famous festival presents this big award known as Palm d’Or Award every year since 1958. The organization ‘Festival International du Film de Cannes’ hosts this film festival.


The Palm d’Or is a wax mold cast form of 24-carat gold palm leaf.  A case of fine blue morocco leather increases its beauty. Thus, the name palm d’Or awards originated.The idea behind the award is to recognize the talents of the entertainment industry.

Filmfare Awards

These awards are Oscars of Hindi film industry. The Times Group presents this award annually. The idea is to honor the artistic and technical excellence in the Hindi film industry.

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These awards were launched in the year 1954 as Clares awards. This is in the name of Clare Mendonca, the editor of The Times of India. The Filmfare award is also famous for “The Black Lady”. It denotes its beautiful black sculpture given as the token of honor to each winner.  Famous sculpture artist N.G. Pansare designed this for Times group.

Grammy Awards of Music industry

The Grammy awards are the most talked about the award of the Music industry. The award is named after the musical invention of 1980’s The gramophone.


The Grammy is initiated during the Hollywood Walk of Fame project of 1980’s. The recording executives decided to organize an award function for the music industry. It should be like Oscars of the film industry and Emmy awards of the television industry. Thus, in 1959 they hosted the Grammy Awards. The thought is to honor the best musical performances of the previous year.

Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Award is among the most eminent award ceremonies of United States. The concept is to appreciate the best work in film and television entertainment. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) hosts the Award function each year.

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This organization came into existence in 1944 and it started golden globe awards in 1947. People of more than 168 countries watch the live telecast of these awards every year. Thus, it has now become the third most watched awards after Oscar and Grammy.

Emmy Awards

Emmy awards are American awards for the excellence in the Television industry. These awards are in like manner of Oscars of the film industry and Grammys of the music industry. It is hosted in different phases. Main among them are the Daytime Emmy Awards Primetime Emmy Awards, news Emmy Awards. This to recognize outstanding work in different American television entertainment programming. Besides, this the International Emmys awards are also presented.

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This is for excellence in TV programming outside the United States. Three related but separate organizations are responsible for conduction of the Emmy Awards. They are

  1. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences(ATAS)
  2. The National Academy of Television Arts Sciences(NATAS),
  3. The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences(IATAS).

Each handles organizing a particular set of Emmy ceremonies.

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  1. Main among them are the Daytime Emmy Awards Primetime Emmy Awards, news Emmy Awards. This to recognize outstanding work in different American television entertainment programming.

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